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About Us

Planning for the future and stewards of UC Merced's financial resources

The Office of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) provides support for the campus operating budget decision-making process.  We also coordinate strategic and long-range planning efforts during the earliest phases of program and project development for UC Merced’s capital improvement program. 

Organization Chart

What we do

  • Establish budget appropriations for each department
  • Approve budget-related transfers of fund transactions
  • Manage new budget appropriations from sources external to the department (e.g., new requests)
  • Perform long-term fund management
  • Analyze revenue trends and project forward-looking revenue streams
  • Analyze budget and expenditures necessary to continue existing level of operations and activities
  • Work with departments to determine the level of budget adjustments necessary for future initiatives
  • Assist departments (e.g., auxiliaries) in establishing a unit’s revenue budget for revenue generated internally within the university
  • Provide support for UC Merced's Capital Plan
  • Guide stewardship of UC Merced's financial resources and manage fiscal processes and policies in support of the University's Strategic Plan

Campus Relationships

To accomplish these objectives, FP&A works closely with other units that play key roles in the University’s financial management activities.