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About Us

Planning for the future and stewards of UC Merced's financial resources

The Finance Group provides support for the campus operating budget decision-making process.  We also coordinate strategic and long-range planning efforts during the earliest phases of program and project development for UC Merced’s capital improvement program. 

Finance Group Strategic Plan

2015-2020 Finance Group Strategic Plan

Organization Chart

What we do

The Finance Group's day-to-day role is to:

  • Establish budget appropriations for each department
  • Approve budget-related transfers of fund transactions
  • Cross departmental transactions
  • Manage new budget appropriations from sources external to the department (e.g., new requests)
  • Perform long-term fund management
  • Analyze revenue trends and project forward-looking revenue streams
  • Analyze budget and expenditures necessary to continue existing level of operations and activities
  • Work with departments to determine the level of budget adjustments necessary for future initiatives
  • Assist departments (e.g., auxiliaries) in establishing a unit’s revenue budget for revenue generated internally within the university
  • Provide support for UC Merced's Capital Plan

Campus Relationships

To accomplish these objectives, the Finance Group works closely with other units that play key roles in the University’s financial management activities.