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UCOP assesses each campus to fund the self-insurance program for general liability (GL), Auto Liability (AL), Auto Physical Damage (APD), and Employment Practices Liability (EPL). Together, this assessment is referred to as GAEL. 

This assessment is calculated based on an actuarial analysis of claims history, both on a systemwide and individual campus level. Thus, the GAEL rate can increase year to year due to frequent or substantial claims from the campuses, as well as outside influences in the cost of managing risk claims. Similarly, an individual campus’ assessment may go up or down depending on that campus’ claims history and expected liabilities. All federal and federal flow-through awards are excluded from these assessments. GAEL rates are reviewed and adjusted annually.

The GAEL components are:

  • General Liability: The University's General Liability Self Insurance Program covers University employees for accidents that result in injury or damage to others (non-university personnel) while University employees are conducting official University business.
  • Automobile Program: The University's Automobile Self Insurance Program provides Auto Liability and Physical Damage coverage for University personnel in the course and scope of their employment while driving vehicles owned or leased by the University.
  • Property Insurance: The University's Property program provides coverage for direct physical loss sustained to university property due to an event that falls with the terms and conditions of the insurance policy.  Coverage may be extended to property (loaned or leased) that is in the care, custody, and control of the university. The programs include coverage for buildings, contents, equipment, vessels, fine art and library collections.
  • Employment Practices Liability Insurance: Employment practices liability coverage is provided for university employees for alleged wrongful employment related acts (such as harassment, discrimination, wrongful termination) that occur while the employee is in the course and scope of their employment or project. This is a self-insured program funded by each campus and medical center.

UC Merced’s GAEL rate is equally assessed to all units and the FY23-24 rate is 3.07%.