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Budget Augmentation Request (BAR)



Any actions that require central campus funding, must be submitted via the annual Budget Call Process or as a Budget Augmentation Request (outside of Budget Call).

During the year, units may have additional funding needs, as a result of new circumstances or new priorities, that will have an impact on a division's capacity to serve a critical campus need if the request is postponed until the next budget call process cycle.

These requests may be submitted to FP&A via a Budget Augmentation Request (BAR)  during the year, along with justification. Requests will be reviewed twice a year.

Funding approvals outside the Budget Call process will impact the budget call allocation in the next fiscal year (FY) for the unit receiving funds as well as the entire campus.


Funding needs for system-wide or campus mandates must also be submitted via the BAR process, if not already included in the Budget Call. These requests should include documentation to support the mandate.


Requests submitted by Sep 30th - Decision will be announced by October 30th and budget allocations will be processed by November 10th.

Requests submitted by Jan 31st - Decision will be announced by February 29th and budget allocations will be processed by March 10th.


Any requests for additional funding must be approved by the Vice Chancellor (VC)/Dean prior to submission. EVC/Provost approval is also required for Academic Affairs units.

  • The requests will be submitted to and reviewed by FP&A. A recommendation will be provided to the Vice Chancellor and CFO to fund in the current fiscal year or to have the request resubmitted in the next Budget Call.
  • The Vice Chancellor and CFO will review the request and make a recommendation to the Chancellor to consider funding in current fiscal year or defer to the next Budget Call.
  • The final decision will be made by the Chancellor.


For Chancellor-approved funding requests, units are required to add them to their next Budget Call submission as their number one priority.

System-wide or campus mandate funding must also be included in the division's Budget Call submission for the following fiscal year as their number one priority and noted as "UC Mandate" or "Campus Mandate".

Should a division receive more than one approved BAR, they must be prioritized in the order received on the division's upcoming FY Budget Call request.

If sufficient funds are not granted during the following fiscal year's Budget Call, the balance will continue to carry forward to the next FY's budget call.


Any requests for allocation of central funds, must include an approved BAR form. If a BAR form is not included, the request will be returned to the requestor and the department will have to go through the BAR process prior to any allocation of funds.


  • Mandatory annual salary increases for positions on a department's approved Staffing List that are permanently budgeted on core funds (including corresponding benefits) 
  • Operating and Maintenance (O&M) related to Project 2020