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Intercampus Transfer of Funds (ITF)





Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) will enter all outgoing ITFs (funds moving from UCM to another campus or UCOP) into the UC ITF system.  The submissions will be reviewed and processed by UCOP. FAS will process the account debit.


ITF Form Submission (Campus Users)

  • Complete ITF Request Form
  • Email form to FP&A ( and include requesting department's number in the Subject line.
  • Campus Users are responsible for ensuring funding is available and obtaining appropriate approvals for the transfer.

Please note that if any informatiuon is missing or incorrect on the Outgoing ITF Request Form, requiring additional follow-up from FP&A, it may result in a delay in ITF processing. 


ITF Entry in UC ITF System (FP&A)

FP&A staff will review ITF forms submitted by campus users for completion.  ITF requests will then be submitted via the UCOP ITF system.  If any information is missing, FP&A will reach out to the campus user for more information.


ITF Request Processing (FAS)

Financial & Accounting Services (FAS) will respond to UCM ITFs submitted by FP&A after they have been approved by UCOP.  FAS will utilize th information on the ITF "Approved Documents Report" and will coordinate with the UCM contact noted on the ITF report form if additional information is needed.

Outgoing ITFs will appear as expense debits to UCM utilizing the Inter-location Transfer of Funds 780XX5 account based on the campus the funding is being transferred to:

Expense debits will be reflected in the Financial/HR Unit and Project indicated in the CCOA provided by the campus user.


Submissions after the UCOP deadlines will be processed in the following month.  UCOP only processes ITFs once a month.  No ITFs will be processed in June.  

*FY 2023-24 deadlines pending UCOP confirmation




Funds received by UCM departments from other campuses or UCOP are processed in the ITF system by the respective campus. Department staff will provide all necessary information directly to their campus contact. This information must include:


  • CCOA to receive funds
  • UCM contact name

Financial and Accounting Services (FAS)

FAS will respond to all incoming ITFs.  FAS will utilize the information on the ITF ‘Approved Documents Report’ and will coordinate with the UCM contact noted on the ITF report form if additional information is needed.

Incoming ITFs will appear as expense credits using the Interlocation Transfer of Funds 785xx5 accounts (based on the campus/location sending funds).

Credits will be allocated directly to the receiving Financial/HR Unit and project.