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Recharge Committee Roles

The Recharge Committee reviews all newly proposed recharges and periodically reviews existing recharges to determine their continuing appropriateness in view of any change in the operations of the service center.  With the help of the Cost Policy office, the recharge committee also reviews for the continued appropriateness of service center rates or when there is a change in the rate methodology.

The following responsibilities are carried out by the Recharge Committee:

  • Determines and communicates the recharge process, including clear deadlines, for the establishment of recharges and fees that become effective at the commencement of each fiscal year.
  • Analyzes campus activities and recommends the most appropriate funding mechanism.
  • Reviews proposals to establish new recharges and fee activities to ensure that there is a broad and significant demand for the specialized service to be provided, and that recharge and fee rate components meet guidelines for Federal and non-Federal rates as outlined in the establishment criteria listed in the Business and Finance Bulletins A-47, A-56, A-59, BUS-72, and the costing principles in the Uniform Guidance, 2 CFR 200.
  • Considers all requests for recharge and fee rate increases or new rates.

What is the Role of Cost Policy in the Recharge Process?

  • Provides the technical expertise to administer the review process for the Recharge Committee.
  • Provides support for ongoing fiscal review of the University's recharge operations.
  • Provides financial assistance to the recharge units, such as accounting for depreciation and financial reporting issues.
  • Works with different individuals across Business and Financial Services (BFS) to provide information regarding fund setup or tax issues.
  • Performs review of the annual budget, annual recharge financial report, and rate proposals.
  • Provides ongoing training to the campus community.
  • Acts as a primary contact for Federal agencies, auditors, and other outside entities relating to issues arising from the University's recharge operations.

Who is on the Recharge Committee?

Name Title
Bianca Khanona Associate Vice Chancellor, Financial Planning and Analysis
Amanda Preston-Nelson Associate Vice Chancellor and Controller
John Jackson Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research/Chief of Staff, Office of Research and Economic Development
Sharon Butler Chief Administrative Officer, Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
Anand Gadre Director of Stem Cell Instrumentation Facility
David Dunham Director of Recreation and Athletics
Tony Smullen Chief of Staff, Physical Operations, Planning and Development
Regina Ranoa Financial Analyst, Financial Planning and Analysis